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Artist notes

We Dream

A snapshot of Americana and the flow of life that goes around us unspoken and unanswered. Holding onto our fears and hopes as if we alone are living a book written long ago. I looked around the café and out into the street and watched as people went about their day. I wondering what story each person would tell and what would mine be?

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We dream 

She stares at the waves out the window 

Her man lost to the sea

She dreams of the time they spent together 

She dreams she dreams 


He awakes to the sound of gunfire 

In 85 this was a pretty good town

He knows he ain't going nowhere 

If he hasn’t left by now


   he dreams , he dreams ..


He drives a big car works a lot of over time

Made enough money now to buy Tennessee 

To much at stake to think about stopping now

Looks at the stage and wishes he was me 


   we dream , we dream ..

Whoa whoa yeah , whoa whoa yeah 


When i get home tonight put down this guitar

Lay my head straight to sleep 

I'm on a big stage lots of people there 

Asking me to sing 


   we dream, we dream ..

Whoa whoa yeah , whoa whoa yeah 

We dream 


Jim Dixon Broken Poets Publishing 12 3 11


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