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A sad tale of the life of a gamblers son, the smell of dirt and cigarettes, sticky floors littered with losing tickets. A never ending losing streak. It took weeks to write and i would often feel like I was writing an old west novel. Not sure where good songs come from but I'm glad this one found its way to me.

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Unlucky horses Jim Dixon 4 7 15


Unlucky horses 

Lose every time 

Stare through the haze 

At the last rider by 

He’d say watch them run,

I would watch them run 

A gamblers son 


Unlucky horses 

Made my momma cry 

“they was born” she’d say 

under a bad sign 

i know that's why she left 

watch him place his bet

On our feet when the thunder comes

bring the whip 

their can be only one

I bet it all because im my father's son

on unlucky horses 


 he’d say watch them run


Unlucky horses 

Lose every time 

Unlucky horses in his eyes

he’d say 

Watch them run

Watch them run 

A gamblers son 

Unlucky Horses

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