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The Ride

Artist notes

Loco Hills is a tiny town in New Mexico that is far from anywhere and the place my old van broke down on more than one occasion, each verse was added and equal to the times i had to sleep with the gear and wait for rescue {pre cell phone.. The song is a lot of my life mystified and abstract from days long past.


The Ride 

Words & Music 

by Jim Dixon 2003 


On the road or was it a dream

looking back can't tell where I’ve been

steam engine rolling across the plains

no tracks I must be insane 

but I ride 


Somewhere between the dark and the light 

When the world splits apart and it's not quite night 

you can get lost in loco hills

sit out in the desert or just be still 

or you’ll ride 

ride  you’ll ride 


Wish upon a fallen star 

call upon faith wherever you are

life is a journey a passage to a place 

see yourself in your father's face 

or you’ll ride

ooh you’ll ride



find the road and call the wind 

a light appears a train rolls in 

destination nowhere bond 

night falls on this sleepy town 

 you’ll ride


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