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Dedicated to Mila Rain and Layla Lynn My amazing grand daughters

Shine took a lot to write and many weeks thru the winter months of 2016. Are we energy and light? What do stars do all day?   I don’t know but made for a good tale and I hope worthy of my granddaughters and Disney

shine dog alpha solodog2.png


If I was made of energy and light 

I would sail across the sky 

I would float along the Milky Way 

or pass your house in a brilliant flash

in the night


You would never be lonely

 i’d never be lonely too

 twinkle fall and flicker

 waiting on wishes from you


And I’ll shine


You’ll have to look up to find me

on nights when it’s clear

if you need me to guide you

home or far far away from here 


Just believe

old lucky is watching over you

while you count the holes in heaven

I’ll be counting on you 



shine shine

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