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It's not safe out here

Artist Notes :


It's not safe out here  2020.


I wished for better words to express the sadness of the times, the complete chaos and otter ridiculousness of our now obvious frailties as humans who must coexist together or perish in our stupidity.


The song had many rewrites but these words found the mark in the end.   

It's not safe out here


there's a red flag in the yard 

We all want bazookas 

and self driving cars 

the worlds ablaze 

we're walking through the flames


It's not safe out here

They built a rocket for mars 

Bumper Sticker

Billionaires on board 

Saying ain't it a shame 

You let it get this way


The weatherman said go home

lock your windows lock your doors 

Stare into your phone 

Wait for the all clear


It's not safe out here 

Anthony Bourdain is gone 

I guess we got scared 

When we turned the tv on

The apocalypse was on

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