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Float along with the sea

Time is a vessel we paddle and we row, it's destination anchor to a stone. Past the lighthouse, on a path you go alone, see you to the meadow rest your bones.


   Float along with the sea

let the tide come take away me

float along it's just a dream, it's just a dream.


The wayward sailor set upon the sea, was he ever lost ? had he been set free?. On a beach placing stones upon the sand, come save my soul I have shipwrecked again.


 Float along with the sea 


Far away in the dark a storm can be seen, it's not a lack of fear you have lost, it's the distance between. So I will set my sails to the temper of the wind, Paddle real hard to somewhere I ain't ever been.


Float along with the sea…


Jim Dixon 


broken poets publishing. 

Oriental Fish

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Manifest;  the   Abigail 


Oriental Fish


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