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Faraway Dreaming

Faraway Dreraming - Jim Dixon
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Faraway Dreaming 

I am Faraway Dreaming Baby 

I just think about the sea

I am Faraway Dreaming Baby 

You and me like the birds and the bees 

Faraway Dreaming just you and me


She said what about the dishes in the sink 

the bills ain't paid and the damn roof still leaks 

Tell me you didn't buy another guitar

We ain't got the money for you to run around like no star 

I said: chorus……


See i bought this guitar from the dude named Lamar 

At a pawn shop by the mad dingo bar 

It was either this or some magic beans 

We might be broke we not to broke to dream

She said honey i'm starting to see what you mean

I close my eye i'm on that California beach

You are right there next to me  

A faraway Dream 

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