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 Dance with a memory 

You taught me to dance 

taught me when to move my feet 

everything that makes life sweet 

I'm a lucky man 

I got to hold your hand 

and no one can 

Ever take that from me 

dance with a memory


There's a price for remembering 

there's a price for every damn thing

give your heart take a ticket

Your lips only have one name
I can see you spinning spinning round and round 

I can hear the laughter coming above the crowd

 -Chorus -


When you close your eyes do you see Paris 

I doubt if you see me

But there's an old Box of pictures 

of what used to be 

I can see you smiling, smiling back at me back at me 

can hear you laughing the first time that we Danced,


 -Chorus -

Dance with a Memory

prfile Broken Marquee.jpg



prfile Broken Marquee.jpg

Unpublished                            works

  Lessons taught by the wildflowers in her hair ..

Dance with a memory artist notes

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