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Lubbock Music Now, Texas Grammy Board Winner 2nd year in a row, Aug 19, 2017.  

A career that has covered over 30 years of barrooms, dance-halls, recording studios and arena events,

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A career that has covered over 40 years of barrooms, dance-halls, recording studios.

 Jim Dixon moves audiences with a deeply rich vocal presence and poetry forged from a life devoted to his craft. Earliest accomplishments date back to 1982 where he was FFA Song Competition for Performing Arts winner and had his first published works (In the Desert). Jim spent his high school summer years on tour with the City Limits Band and Black Label performing in TX, NM, CO,  launching a career that has yet to slow down.


Studio owner, Producer and sound engineer round out the rest of Jim’s skill set. Recording {the now} famous Ryan Bingham (Jim worked with him in his teenage years and met with T bone Burnett prior to the making of Crazy Heart) as well as Hillary Rosita Smith (Honey House) and  many others. Retired from the endless nights behind the mixing board Jim now focuses on his true passion, songwriting, the study of music and recording his own works.


Moving from his roots in south eastern NM in 2013 to the more populated and impactful Texas music scene has offered Jim the opportunity to work with the best and brightest in the west TX area and has given him access to the expertise to accompany his passion to keep learning. 


Working alongside producer Brian McRae, Jim is on his 3rd Project (Earthbound), a stellar recording that shows the depth of his writing ability and creating magic on his records. “Earthbound”, the title Track to the album, is an inspiring tale of never giving up and ponders the question “am I the poet or am I the pen”. Accompanying the album is a song written by Dallas Owens (Help will come along), as a friend and someone Jim found to have a gift for telling a great story, he felt it appropriate to add it to this album. From looking up at the heavens and wishing on stars, the song “Shine” comes to life. From its opening line “if I was made of energy and light“ to the ending you will find yourself lost in its space and holding on to wishes. 


Having done many live radio interviews and broadcasts, including the syndicated radio show TRDR Texas red dirt roads with Justin Frazell in 2016, Jim’s older records, released 2013- 2016, have done well. “Broken Marquee”, “Tonto”, “She hates my Guitar” and “the Ride” still picking up air play and he hopes to move further with his new single “Earthbound”. 


I had a chance to catch Jim’s set, a late-night check-in at the Blue Light Live in Lubbock TX. I His songs cover a vast spectrum of landscapes filled with great stories and unforgettable melodies. A must follow for anyone who truly loves music and good song craft. 


Sharon Quick


The Quick Report 

Broken Poets Publishing

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prfile Broken Marquee.jpg

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